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Mindfulness/Meditation FAQs

In general, meditation and mindfulness practices are for everyone. However, if you are suffering from a serious psychological disorder or severe PTSD and depression it is advisable not to engage in meditation, as there is a possibility that your symptoms may get worse.

Please wear loose-fitting clothes and be prepared to remove your shoes. If you have a meditation cushion or bench, please bring it. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring a positive attitude and open heart!

Meditation is for everyone, regardless of attitude towards spirituality or religious beliefs. Meditation, at a minimum, has been proven as an effective practice to reduce stress, increase concentration, and bring more into balance the nervous system. Anyone, whether one calls oneself spiritual or not, can experience the benefits of meditation.

A restless mind is completely normal. With continued meditation practice the mind will calm down more and more – but even with years of meditation, there will still be days where the mind is restless. When thoughts come, it is important to accept that they are there. Just go back to the meditation practice when you become aware of your thoughts. No matter how many times thoughts pop-up, you will still gain valuable benefits from your meditation.

The benefits of meditation are multiple and range from stress reduction to superconscious awareness. While it may be true that the longer you practice the more benefits you may realize, most people feel a sense of stress reduction and calmness soon after they start meditating. The key to savoring the multiple fruits of meditation is to establish a regular practice. Keep in mind that frequency is more important than the duration of meditation. Group meditations can also have an accelerating effect to realizing the benefits of meditation. The energy created by a group can have such an effect on its participants.

Breathwork FAQs

The type of Breathwork we teach is safe and gentle. However, breathwork can result in intense emotional and physical release. Therefore, it is not advised for individuals with serious health issues. Contraindications include cardiovascular problems, pregnancy, glaucoma, epilepsy or other seizure disorders, severe hypertension, recent surgery, and a history of severe mental illness. If you have any serious health issues, please consult with your physician prior to enrolling in a breathwork session.

Please do not eat anything for at least 2 hours prior to the session. If you must have something, please make it very light.

Dress comfortably and in layers. Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle. You may bring an eye mask, if you have one and wish to use it. If you have back issues, you may also bring a pillow to place under your knees.

Please arrive a few minutes early to settle in. Once the session has started, it is very distracting to others if people walk in.

Show up with an open heart and mind!

Everyone’s experience with breathwork is different, and experiences vary from session to session. Some of the most common physical sensations people may experience during breathwork are tingling, lightheadedness, numbness, cramping, and tetany. The main reasons for these sensations are the increased oxygen intake and the relative decrease of CO2 in your body. Although these sensations may feel uncomfortable, they won’t harm you in any way and they are temporary. In fact, body sensations are typically a sign that a deep clearing is occurring. If, at any time during a session, you feel extremely uncomfortable, please let your facilitator know and they can guide you accordingly.

EFT/Tapping FAQs

Anyone can benefit from using EFT, including individuals with PTSD. However, if you suffer from severe PTSD or a serious psychological disorder, we recommend that you work with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist who may also be familiar with clinical EFT.

Yes, there has been a lot of research done on the benefits of EFT. You can find more information here:

No special preparation is required for an EFT session. It recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and that you bring a water bottle.

Some people may get results in just one session, while for others it may take longer. This might depend on the nature of the issue you are working on, and how ready you are to work on it. Also, keep in mind that while EFT can help with a wide range of stress-related issues, it is not a panacea for all problems.

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