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Client Testimonials

“I can’t recommend Marianna’s methods enough! This was my first experience with Zen Den Wellness and I was not disappointed! Marianna made me feel comfortable and explained everything, so there was no guessing as to what to do. I was very hesitant in the beginning, but our EFT sessions were very helpful. I will be forever grateful for all that Marianna has helped me with. I highly recommend her!”


“Marianna is an incredible person and EFT practitioner.  She has an amazing way of understanding what my issue is and wording it in a way that resonates perfectly with me.  I come out of each session seeing the issue from a calmer and more compassionate viewpoint, without the negative emotion that I started with.  I highly recommend Marianna to help with emotional problems ranging from the minor ones to the really annoying ones that keep recurring.  Her kind, nurturing yet practical approach will help you heal your mind, body and soul.”


“Thank you so much for all of our tapping sessions. It feels as comfortable as if I’m just venting to one of my closest girlfriends, but at the end of our sessions we actually clear some real issues and I can move forward knowing what other issues I need to work on next. You are very intuitive and lead me to places I know I should go but never get there on my own-all while feeling protected and safe. I’m feeling much lighter lately about things that have weighed heavy on me for decades. I appreciate your gentle approach and expertise.”


“As a mom of three little ones, I’m often stressed and overwhelmed. Zen Den gave me amazing relaxation tools that I can easily use at home. They work really well, and I’m much happier.”


“Marianna presented thoughtful, compassionate classes using wellness strategies, meditations, and EFT (Tapping) to create connection and help me with stress relief during this very taxing pandemic. I joyfully and highly recommend them and will continue to take classes in the future.”


“Marianna is warm, friendly, upbeat. She has a genuine interest in the experience and progress of her meditation students. She explains the benefits of meditation in an accessible way and discusses practical tactics for incorporating the practice into daily life. After just a few classes, I have experienced more focus, an increase in energy, and better sleep. I highly recommend her. Your life will only get better.”


“I have now experienced two breathwork sessions with Marianna and they both have been transformational. She has a very wonderful energy and is very intuitive and gentle while guiding through the process. I highly recommend her, if you are ready to transform your life.”


“I have been working with a counselor and psychiatrist for about four years now. Besides the medication, I’ve had the best experience with Marianna by far. She teaches EFT and mindfulness and I’ve been taking a few of her classes independently. I highly recommend to anyone who suffers from any type of anxiety, trauma or depression to go see her-it’s made a big impact on my life. I didn’t even know there was something like this out there. It is life changing for me, and it makes me look at life in a different way. It has helped my family life tremendously-working with my son, having a better marriage, and just loving myself.”


“In only a handful of sessions with Marianna, I have found relief from PTSD symptoms that decades of counseling were unable to resolve. I consider her expertise in alternative methods of treatment to be an imperative supplement to traditional routes. I am forever grateful for the gift she has given me!”


“Marianna is extremely sensitive to the dynamics of internal healing. She is an outstanding teacher and listener, who is patient and helps you target trauma, release it, and feel physically calm in the aftermath. She taught me multiple techniques, including EFT tapping and breathing exercises. I highly recommend her to anyone experiencing trauma stemming from a serious life event.”


“What I loved most about the sessions were the variety of tools provided and the fact that I could just about do them anywhere and anytime. The sessions were reflective and allowed for growth personally and professionally.”


“What an eye-opening session (the mindfulness class) was. If we all practice like this, the world would be much kinder place for sure. Highly recommended.”


“Working with Zen Den Wellness has been transformative. As part of an 8-week corporate mindfulness program, we learned many skills to help us focus, reduce stress, be mindful in our interactions with colleagues and external audiences, and increase awareness and appreciation of our surroundings and those around us. We were given many tools that have proven to be extremely helpful, and Marianna’s approach to facilitating and coaching us in mindful practices was both calm and firm, while at the same time warm and nurturing. In this very challenging environment we’re all experiencing now, I highly recommend Zen Den Wellness as a wonderful resource for developing a more balanced, thoughtful, and productive team.”


“Marianna did a great job facilitating a Mindfulness program at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it ended up being a very rewarding learning experience from our team that left us with tools for inside and outside the workplace.”


“Thank you so much for bringing your mindfulness expertise to our team! It was very well-received and I know the advocates will really benefit from all the tools you provided.”


“Marianna was an amazing instructor. Her 2-month course covered so many different stress reducing tactics and was super valuable!”


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